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How IntroPls works?

Browse through job opportunities and job requirements.

- Search for a job opportunity on Intropls
- Select and read the job requirements in detail

Select a job opportunity and click "Share" or "Refer someone" to help a friend.

In order to earn cash rewards for referrals, all you need to do is:
- Click on "Share" button to share this opportunity via Facebook.
Please note that “Share” reward is limited to one (1) Share per job opportunity.
- Click on "Refer Someone" to provide IntroPls with the name, email and contact number of your friend. IntroPls will reach out to your friend to request for a copy of the latest CV.

Select a job opportunity and click "Share" or "Refer someone" to help a friend.

- Once IntroPls receives all CVs ready for screening, suitable candidates are prepared to be sent to HR Department of hiring companies.
- As IntroPls receives numerous CVs daily, we work hard to make sure hiring companies receive a good list of candidates. So for now, relax!
- You can also check your Activity Dashboard (https://www.intropls.com/activity) for any updates.

Shortlisted candidates gets connected to HR of hiring company and you get paid!

- Successful referrals are consolidated and paid out weekly. If your friend makes it to the shortlist, you as a referrer, are entitled to the cash reward. The system will update you on your reward status.
- An email will be sent to you as a successful referrer to request for bank details. Payment will then be made towards the bank account as provided by you.
- All correspondence is communicated via email so don't forget to check your inbox.